Danath Galev

Crafty half-elf out for fame, glory, and exorbitant amounts of gold.


Confidence is contagious. Danath speaks with a great deal of confidence. So much confidence that people believe most anything he says. He lost his eye during an encounter with some less than reputable fellows that seemed to have had a “Confidence Vaccine”. But, no matter. Danath didn’t want that eye anyway. He is now freed from the shackles of depth perception and no longer has to worry about blinking for both eyes.

When he isn’t busy bluffing the hell out of everyone, Danath is working towards his goal of being the World’s Strongest Millionare. He figures he can easily do this through the Pathfinder Society. Why bother trying to find leads to fantastical treasure and artifacts when the Pathfinders give you the leads as part of the job? It is also a nice excuse when you are caught in a family crypt pilfering all the valuables. “Official Pathfinder Business.”

Danath Galev

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