Axen Beardfist

Dwarven monk on a quest for enlightenment.


Axen Beardfist is a lamentable sight. His beard is an unkempt tangle of dirt and grime, mixed with the nests of creatures that occasionally take shelter within. His garb consists of filthy, tattered pants and a rope belt with pouches to store his few belongings.

Axen is not particularly intelligent, and crude even among dwarven standards. In his youth, his disappointed family pushed him into the life of a monk. Their hopes were that he would spend his days meditating in solitude, and not have an opportunity to disgrace them. However, their society contained no monks and Axen’s only guidance for his new vocation came from myths and secondhand tales of other lands.

Misguided by these tales, Axen spent the next years of his life meditating in the wilderness and honing his physical ability. After a decade of wrestling wild animals, meditating on mountaintops, and obtaining an unseen degree of filthiness, he returned to dwarven society.

When Axen returned home his family was horrified by his grisly appearance and pungent stench. They quickly devised a new plan to get rid of him. Axen was to join the Pathfinder Society so that he would travel far away, and given the new name of “Beardfist” to protect their family reputation. Axen was told that all monks gained enlightenment through world travel and it was traditional to cast off your old name at the onset of your quest.

Axen Beardfist now travels the world in search of improving his strength and knowledge. He feels that every grappled foe and every new place explored is a step towards perfection. Despite the fact that real monks highly value cleanliness, Axen deplores bathing. Instead viewing each layer of dirt as a mark of experience.

Axen Beardfist

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