Professional RP

Chapter 1: Introduction to Cassomir

Man, that's a big monorail cat.

After a midday nap, our companions awake to find the normally industrious city of Cassomir within view. They have been sailing for several uneventful days, guided along by the steady hands of Captain Vernon – a stern and skillful sailor. Axen and Danath try to garner knowledge about the city from the more experienced crew as they pull into the harbor. Captain Vernon is especially helpful, and mentions that they might find assistance from a local enchanter (and once pathfinder) by the name of Lodin. He also mentions that he will only be in port for a week, as he has been hired to help track down a dangerous sea-beast in the south.

They haven’t been given much information about this mission of theirs, only that there is something suspicious going on in Cassomir. Trade has trickled to a stop, many locals find themselves out of work, and it all seems to be linked to a strange affair going on between the governor and a mysterious baroness. A pathfinder named Garin was sent a few months before to investigate these issues, but he has since gone missing. If our young heroes can solve this mystery, they have been promised promotion as full-fledged pathfinders.

The city reaches out around them as they step off the boat. They immediately notice that the port isn’t as crowded as they might expect for such a reputable place. They overhear one of the crew arguing with the harbormaster about promised merchandise. He explains that the governor hasn’t been keeping up with foreign trade, and much of the city’s workforce has taken to fishing instead of shipbuilding. The only building going on here is the construction of large wooden platform which, according to a local carpenter, is to be used for a tournament starting the following day. Excited by this news, and their chance to win money, the companions begrudgingly return to the mission at hand. They set out through the winding streets to find the shop ran by Lodin the enchanter.

It’s getting late as they find and enter the ramshackle tower/potion shop. A young and rather scrawny young boy is working behind the counter, from whom they demand to fetch the enchanter. After some arguing upstairs, Lodin appears before the two travelers. At first he doesn’t seem to trust Axen or Danath, and he wonders why the society would send two inexperienced men to deal with the problems of a city. With some ill-begotten yet well-placed words, Danath manages to gain his trust. He tells them that he used to be a pathfinder himself, and mentions that they would be wise not to use that title in Cassomir given the nature of their work. They find out that Garin was staying upstairs before he went missing, and that they may use the room as well. Lodin finds their interest in the local tournament amusing, and mentions that it is actually hosted by the Baroness Laurimore for the governor – and that the winners will be invited to a party to be thrown afterward at the noblewoman’s estate.



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